What we do

Creative Content

The ultimate influencer

The purpose behind every Smyle project is to persuade an audience to think, feel or do something. Something different. Something new. 

We’re storytellers that do just that. We craft compelling content that is delivered through an array of methods on multiple platforms – from branded content to social, from broadcast to animation as well as interactive, standout in-person activations.

We design compelling content through strategic curation; making it overtly valuable; aligning it to the goals of the brand and the audience; creating uniqueness through fresh perspectives; and bringing powerful emotional appeal that creates intimate resonance.

We deliver content through remarkable activations; storytelling that makes concepts easy to understand; entertainment that grabs and holds attention; co-creation powered by audience voices; and technology that gives access to people, places and information in new and exciting ways.

Our content experts apply craft and technical capability across formats and channels – from imaginative campaigns, immersive digital worlds and edge-of-the-seat keynotes, to compelling films and animations, engaging workshops or deep-dive product explorations.

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