Modern Slavery Statement

Modern slavery stands in stark contrast to the principles that define us. We hold a steadfast commitment to the complete well-being of all people, recognising their inherent dignity and rights. Our dedication extends beyond mere compliance – it is rooted in the genuine belief that every individual deserves to be respected, cared for, and provided with a safe environment.

Smyle Group is dedicated to upholding its corporate and moral responsibility by adopting a robust approach to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking. We extend this commitment across our teams and expect the same high standards from all freelancers, contractors, suppliers, and business partners.

Who We Are

The Smyle Group comprises of five agencies – Dreamlike State, NJ Live, Powered by Humans, Smyle & The Sports Presentation Company, our collaborative approach provides end-to-end management for digital activations, live experiences and creative content that work directly with brands and businesses to create experiences, activations and content that shift culture, behaviours and beliefs


Operating responsibly and ethically is a point of pride for us. Our codes of conduct for suppliers, contract terms, and governance set standards that demand ethical operations, environmental responsibility, and the respectful treatment of workers. These standards are embedded in our sustainability policy and our supplier sustainable sourcing code of conduct.

We take our health and safety responsibility seriously, considering the welfare of our people and those directly affected by our choices. We respect and recognise environmental, social, and ethical requirements and standards, ensuring our behaviour is characterised by integrity and fairness.

We have policies in place to support the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking and these are reviewed annually by our in-house team.

Our commitment to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking is demonstrated through our annual review of policies by our in-house team. Regular risk assessments are conducted as part of our compliance program to ensure that we only conduct business with reputable suppliers and service providers.

In the past year, The Smyle Group underwent a comprehensive overhaul of all policies to address and prevent modern slavery. These updated policies will soon be launched, accompanied by training programs to support and embed them throughout our internal teams, freelance partners, and suppliers.

The Smyle  Group is steadfast in its dedication to preventing abhorrent practices such as modern slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to creating a world where these practices have no place, and our ongoing efforts reflect our unwavering commitment to this cause.