Telling the untold stories – journeys of creatives finding new expressions and formats, all of which comes to life at night

Our unique collaboration with British street artist and TikTok creator Fat Cap Sprays showcased a new world of night photography, honing in on Samsung’s S22 device’s crystal-clear low-light photography feature. The Gen Z targeted campaign led to a broad media pick-up, including Grazia and GQ.

The Challenge

To sustain the publicity from Samsung’s S22 phone launch, specifically with European Gen-Z markets, and demonstrate how the device can create stunning, crystal-clear visuals, even in low light.

The Approach

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series, released in February, aims to take smartphone photography to the next level. It features Samsung’s most intelligent camera yet, enabling users to capture vivid and sharp images, even in low-light scenarios.

Samsung teamed up with Smyle to look at how we could tell untold stories – journeys of creatives finding new expressions and formats, all of which comes to life at night. Smyle appointed British street artist and TikTok Creator Fat Cap Sprays to showcase the world of night photography and how the S22 can help create stunning visuals, even in low light. Over a four-week period, from the 28th March until the 19th April, four instalments of episodic content were released online, one each week on a Monday, across eight participating European markets.

The first instalment focused on ‘Night in a new light’, a creative collaboration between Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Fat Cap Sprays, showing how the street artist’s night-time artistry grows from a seed of an idea to a full piece on an East London wall. This was followed by ‘Fans Everywhere’, which highlighted the positive impact of Fat Cap Sprays’ street art and how its vibrant, razor-sharp images, taken with the S22 Ultra Camera, can represent the sub-cultures within communities.

The third instalment, entitled ‘From Transient to Permanent’, reflected on how cameras can capture transient art that lasts for a lifetime, even in low light. The series ended with all the pieces of the story coming together, showing how this creative journey has inspired a transition from the physical world to social media to Web 3.0. This revealed the end-to-end journey of physical art entering the metaverse – diving deeper into how – and why this is important.

As part of the seeing the press unboxing moment, limited edition prints were generated with a custom frame containing the new device, in its packaging with FCS artwork on. A QR code on the frame then allowed the viewing of the artwork animated in augmented reality on the picture frame.

Smyle managed and delivered all elements of the campaign from the strategy and ideation through to working with key lifestyle media across the eight markets and all the content production and channel delivery of assets. Smyle brought the campaign to life, by demonstrating how the Samsung S22 Ultra Camera offers the opportunity to experience the night in new light. 

The Result

With a total reach of over 8.5m followers across TikTok and Instagram, Fat Cap Sprays’ content reached a wide-spanning, international audience. By posting weekly episodic content to his social channels depicting how the features of the S22 have changed the way in which he captures his artwork, Fat Cat Sprays deepened engagement with the target audience. The campaign gathered a 57.5m total aggregate readership.

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