EDF Energy: Zero Harm

Using content to raise awareness and work towards Zero Harm.

The Challenge

To create a set of powerful communication tools that convey vital safety messages to field operatives in the Energy Field Services (EFS) business unit.

Our brief was to deliver an interview-led, live action film, featuring EDF employees talking openly about their involvement in real-life safety incidents. Each participant would be encouraged to share the impact of their experience, in both their personal and professional lives.

The Approach

We expanded the initial brief to deliver a highly engaging and impactful solution, which is fresh and distinct from previous approaches taken by the client. Rather than one video, we felt a series of short films would provide messaging that could be more engaging and be absorbed more easily. This also allowed us to hone in on specific stories for each film, bringing the viewer closer to the experience.

The films are centred on a core interview. To enhance the gravitas of the messaging within these interviews we used high contrast ‘chiaroscuro’ lighting – creating a sense of the open and frank discussion. Our goal was to be hard-hitting and memorable.

To communicate incident scenes, we used an innovative ‘graphic novel’ creative style. Using 2D sequences we animated stylised illustrations as panels in the pages of a comic book style graphic novel. This echoed the stylised ‘noir’ look used in the interview footage.

By avoiding the restrictions of multiple live action shoots, we achieved more engaging and detailed content. The illustrations provided a great narrative device and framework for storylines that would really bring the key messages home for viewers and increase impact and memorability.

The Result

In creating the four films in this innovative style, we completely surpassed the client’s expectations and goals. Most importantly, the approach was highly effective in highlighting the importance of safety, receiving fantastic feedback from the audience and applauded widely across EDF Energy.

Brian Weston, Health, Safety & Environmental Senior Advisor at EDF Energy commented: “Can I thank all the team at Smyle for their endeavours, and delivery of a first class set of videos.”

Simon Warrilow, Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor at EDF Energy said: “I wanted to express my gratitude for delivering such a valuable piece. I am confident that through these films we will raise awareness of the importance of personal behaviours on our journey towards Zero Harm. Thanks again – it was a pleasure working with you all.”