Samsung Galaxy Launch

Samsung calls the shots with interactive virtual media launch with British singer and songwriter Raye. This launched the new Samsung Galaxy A Series with her performance all shot on Samsung devices.

The challenge

Deliver the first-ever virtual NDA press review for the Galaxy A Series, generating tech and lifestyle coverage stacked with Gen Z appeal. 

What we did

Allowing journalists to experience new phones under embargo allows them to prepare editorial for publishing on launch day. But how to do that virtually? Combining innovation and creative content this launch encouraged participants to ‘call the shots’ by personalising how they interacted with and explored the new Galaxy A Series.

Leveraging the Music Galaxy Thursday partnership between Samsung and Universal Music, we worked with emerging Gen Z artist RAYE to create, film and produce a storytelling narrative. This culminated in a performance of her latest hit and clever product placement ensured RAYE illustrated key A Series features as part of the action. All footage was captured using Samsung mobiles.

Using WIREWAX technology we enabled participants to ‘choose their path’ by opting for different content scenarios, such as selecting RAYE’s performance costume in the opening scenes. 

We also pre-recorded a series of informative launch presentations and Q&As led by Samsung experts. Again, we added additional interactive content, by overlaying WIREWAX hotspots, which users could activate to reveal additional product information.

All this was accessed via a super-intuitive, on brand web platform that curated relevant event content based on different audience needs.

The result

Call the Shots generated 690 articles in total, across the target technology and media titles.

An audience of 470 media contacts generated 2,662 interactive hotspot clicks during the event, indicating a high level of engagement with additional product information.

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