JLL’s Night at the (Science) Museum

With sustainability at its heart, we welcomed JLL guests into London’s iconic Science Museum for a day of presentations, networking and celebrations. The truly memorable convention proved green goals don’t limit the quality and content of an event.

The Challenge

To create a memorable convention for JLL’s EMEA community that met their sustainability goals.

The Approach

JLL, global commercial real estate advisors, are committed to embedding sustainability into everything they do. So when they approached Smyle to create their EMEA Work Dynamics Conference, sustainability and innovation had to be at the heart of the event.

We chose London’s Science Museum as the venue, using the world’s most important scientific achievements as the conference backdrop. We hosted plenary presentations on the IMAX stage and breakout meetings and workshops across various exhibition halls. Alongside these more formal meetings, participants could go on a guided tour or browse the museum at their own pace and network.

Instead of finding a separate venue to host JLL’s bi-monthly Strategic Business Club, we put on an exclusive formal dining experience in one of the museum galleries. An effective way to save on the carbon cost of using
two venues.

Using the museum allowed us to significantly reduce production materials and equipment. The set design was limited to lighting, tables and screens. We added in a tree planting scheme post-event to counterbalance any ecological impact from the convention, and provided them with a  ‘Cycle by Smyle’ sustainability report. This included everything from participant travel to food origin, with metrics and data.

The Result

250 guests were welcomed into the London Science Museum for a day of JLL presentations, networking and celebrations. Despite a heavy agenda, the breakout rooms in various exhibits and tours meant everyone was kept engaged throughout the day. Smyle’s approach to sustainability through Cycle, enabled JLL to host an event which aligned with their sustainability ambitions.