Best Places to Work 2021

Big news just in!

We’ve only gone and made the flippin’ Campaign’s Best Places to Work 2021 list! Super grateful to our amazing Smylers for supporting us and believing in everything we’re doing here at Smyle to make it a happy and inclusive place to be. Get to know a bit more about what we’ve been up to over the past year with our Head of People Experience, Charlotte Key.

What do you believe are the key ingredients of making Smyle a great place to be?

Smyle has always been about its people and culture and we’re more focused on this than ever before. We’re passionate about creating an agency where people love what they do, feel connected to each other and engaged in all that we’re doing.

Our culture is always one of the strongest scoring areas in our team surveys, and the results from Campaign were no different! Our Culture Club strives to keep Smyle a positive and fun workplace by delivering a whole bunch of initiatives focused around well-being including fitness classes, social events, mindfulness sessions as well as capitalising on themes throughout the year such as Mental Health Awareness Week. We’re massive advocates of positive mental health and believe that by supporting our Smylers with a range of formal benefits and regular conversations with managers, my PX team, Directors and through our buddy system, we can ensure Smyle is a safe space where dialogue is open, to help break down the stigma that can sometimes surround mental health.

Listening to, and acting on feedback has been a huge focus for us, particularly over the last 12-24 months. We hold a regular team Forum, with reps from all around the agency, who bring ideas, suggestions and challenges forward to discuss and debate with our leadership team on important topics such as career planning, well-being, agile working, change management and diversity and inclusion.

Effective management is really important to us and we ensure our managers are equipped with the skills to motivate and support their teams, through management training, regular personal development meetings and professional coaching programmes.

Lastly, all our people are incredibly talented in the range of things they do and we are committed to doing all we can to support them in developing their skills and knowledge to help them really thrive. Our development strategy, known as MySmyleJourney, incorporates informal and formal development opportunities and allows for continuous learning, coaching, new experiences and structured progression.

Published: May 2021