The First co-created AI x Smyle sensory dining experience

Smyle partnered with with generative AI to create a full multi-sensory dinning experience.

Everything in this experience was co-created with AI, from initial designs and art direction, through to scripts, and in partnership with Kitchen Theory, the multi sensory dinning experience.

The innovative approach challenged the team, sending them off in directions previously unexplored with audio sound scapes, lighting and immersive flavour tunnels. Architectural projection also challenged preconceived perceptions of flavour through textures, colours and soundscapes, while hinting at the flavours to come throughout the evening. Hyper personalisation enabled guests to receive cocktails that were tailored to their taste profile designed through AI.

Smyle worked with Kitchen Theory, a culinary studio specialising in research based multi-sensory food and drink experience to craft an immersive exploration of flavour, using generative AI technologies. After first conducting taste tests to understand their individual palette, guests began a multi-sensory journey by celebrity chef and storyteller Jozef Youssef. Lighting design and soundscapes were aligned to the narrative building and shaping the atmosphere throughout the evening. Each of the five courses brought to life different aspects of the creativity using ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Key takeaways:

  • A first in AI, co-creating an activation, from start to finish
  • A winning partnership between Smyle and Kitchen Theory
  • Fantastic guest feedback on the experience and food