SMYLE x WWF: State of the Planet

The prestigious State of the Planet Address 2023, a flagship initiative of WWF, highlights urgent environmental issues and calls for global action against climate change. Hosted inside the futuristic Frameless venue in London, we used the immersive gallery rooms to transport guests to lush forest habitats around the world, with soundscapes, cut shots and interviews with those affected by climate change and deforestation.

When guests entered the venue, they first descended through a breathtaking sensory experience with a 360-degree mirrored escalator, intercut with screens showing wildlife native to the rainforest, drawing guests into a new world.

The video, imagery and soundscapes in the Forest Gallery and Main Address Gallery were all the work of the in-house Smyle creative teams. We provided full production and guest support. An exhibition-style gallery through the centre of the venue featured digital panels profiling the fantastic individuals who are working tirelessly to save the ecosystem.

Key takeaways

  • 300 influential guests
  • Four high-profile speakers, including a former President and Nobel Prize winner
  • Guests names integrated into the content walls to encourage donations
  • A fully immersive journey through four main spaces