Facebook: Mobile World Congress

The Challenge

Overseeing the design and build of the Facebook experience at Mobile World Congress for the 3rd consecutive year; a cross-functional space used to share stories about the work of Facebook company whilst providing an inspiring environment suitable for business meetings (across 26 meeting rooms), a lounge space, a 170 seater auditorium, as well as ad-hoc networking.

The Appproach

Working in partnership with the Facebook design team, the cross-functional event space was designed to create a spatial and physical representation of Community with imaginative shapes and forms combining to create spaces where attendees could come together, as well as more private areas for informal meetings, or even nooks where people could take a moment to themselves – an oasis away from an action packed MWC. The forms and shapes created were further used as canvases to showcase stories of extraordinary human expression and the potential, that when supported by Facebook company’s innovation and technology, for communities to be built where they can drive social change.

Smyle provided full-service event support including planning, design and build, technical, logistics, content management and operational support to ensure the smooth running of the activation.

The Results

The multi-purpose space, larger than the Facebook Madrid office, was produced in just a 10-day build, and featured 4 bespoke activation areas from the Facebook portfolio including TIP, Messaging (a joint experience by Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp), Facebook Connectivity and Oculus, as well as a fully operational hosted reception and catering service. During the 4-day MWC show, the space welcomed 2,000 visitors, hosted over 850 meetings and 15 auditorium events.