Thriving at Work

Supporting our people

We have committed to Mind’s ‘Thriving at Work’ initiative. This was launched following an independent review of mental health in the workplace that outlines what employers can do to enhance the mental health of employees, allowing them to remain in, and thrive, at work.

Thriving at Work includes six core standards that structure how we support employees’ mental health.

At Smyle we recognise the importance of supporting mental health and are passionate about finding ways to achieve that. 

With 6 out of 10 employees in the UK (ref Mind 2020), having experienced poor mental health, we know it can affect anyone at any time.

We want to play our part in removing the stigma around mental health and ensure we create an open, supportive culture at Smyle, one where employees feel comfortable opening up about any challenges they are facing, and for us to do what we can to support them.