Powered by Humans


Powered by Humans is a new agency set to revolutionise the employee experience by applying best-in-class marketing and advertising practices to drive brand love and advocacy.

Created by The Smyle Group following a paradigm shift in internal culture during the pandemic, Powered by Humans works with businesses to deliver campaigns and experiences that unleash the power of the humans behind the brand by giving them the best experience of it.

The new agency targets a hugely often neglected area of business, despite research showing that investment in internal culture increases both productivity and profitability1.

With a focus on equitable experiences for all, Powered by Humans is guided by insight, strategy and ‘big idea’ creativity for positive human impact regardless of background.

Services include strategy and planning; talent acquisition, development and retention; communication; and change.

The launch of Powered by Humans is the newest addition to The Smyle Group, which has rapidly grown its presence in the experiential and creative industries.

I’m really excited to be part of the team launching our new agency and working with brands who genuinely care about a meaningful employee experience. Exceptional employee experience is at the heart of excellent customer experience. 

Throughout my career, I’ve seen the disparity between the value brands place on customers versus colleagues. Thankfully many organisations recognise the value in investing in their people, especially during those moments that matter on their employment journey, and that’s exactly where we will be able to help.
Director of Powered by Humans, Lee Ashton