FLEX - our approach to agile working

For Smylers work isn’t just work.

We’re a committed, passionate bunch who love what we do.

We also have busy, varied lives, and so we’re committed to finding ways to create space for our people to be able to do their work in more flexible ways that better suit them.

We believe that being together, in-person, and having a sense of community and collaboration is so important for our culture and for doing the work we do - planning fast paced projects, solving creative challenges or technical problems, and innovating for our clients. We want to hold onto that sense of community.

We are equally passionate about creating a more flexible way of working, one that creates balance, agility, and inclusion for our team.

We know that one policy to suit every role and individual need at Smyle won’t be possible, so, instead, we’ve focused on creating values our people commit to.

These values are underpinned by a framework on how we manage our time and working location.


Smylers make up their contracted hours across the week while committing to core hours of 10am – 4pm (outside those hours, it’s up to them!) so there’s more choice around the start and end of their day, creating agility and flexibility for busy lives. 


We have a variety of roles at Smyle that span a number of specialist services. Our team works from the location that enables them to deliver in their role in the best way for them, their teammates and our clients.

Most Smylers aim for a 50:50 split between home and office. Anyone wanting to be in the office more than this, is completely A-OK with us too!

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