Our employee perks package just got even perkier!

Our employee perks package just got even perkier!

Hello, I’m Natalie from our People Experience team here at Smyle and I’m really excited to share some of the enhanced benefits we’ve just launched with our team! Firstly, earlier this year we had a series of meetings with our Forum Team (employee reps from our internal teams) to see what priorities and ideas they had about benefits that would make an impact on our Smylers. I’m delighted to say that our new benefits have landed in a place that’s been extremely well received, here’s the low down…

‘When Life Happens Leave’ is at the heart of our exciting new benefits bundle – it’s additional support for those unforeseen challenges or life events that may occur, without the need for our team to use precious holiday time. We know that balancing an active professional life with personal stuff can be challenging at times, especially when life throws us a curveball. We’ve always been flexible around last-minute emergencies or personal challenges – and as we grow we’re simply putting it in writing with a structured policy to ensure consistency across the agency. This new wellbeing initiative ensures everyone can take up to five full days off for anything urgent or critical happening in their life, whether it’s an emergency trip to the vets or a particularly challenging mental health day.

‘When Life Happens Leave’ isn’t the only highlight of the new benefits package. It also includes improved maternity and paternity pay and additional time off for those returning from family leave to support the transition back to work.  

At Smyle, benefits aren’t an afterthought – we’ve fostered a culture centred around supporting employees to be their best selves at work. We already have access to an array of perks that safeguard our wellbeing, health and quality of life. But with the cost of living rising we want to go the extra mile to protect our people from some of life’s unpredictability. We’ve implemented life insurance for every single member of Smyle and we’ve also implemented a medical cash plan, where people can get up to £500 towards medical expenses – with up to four children also covered for no additional cost. Oh, and everyone got a pay rise too! 

And of course, we all get to make the most of all the benefits that we already have in place – the early finish on Fridays isn’t going anywhere – except possibly to the pub! But many of them are being upgraded, such as our charity day integrating more flexible community work, or doubling the monetary prizes at our Quarterly Awards!

These are just some of the many components that make up Smyle’s updated benefits package. We’re committed to providing wellbeing and health support to our lovely community, and cultivating a workplace culture where everyone feels valued, supported and listened to.