Playing our part

At Smyle, we’re committed to making our company more diverse, equitable and inclusive. We aim to build a community at Smyle that reflects the world we live and operate in.

We’re committed to creating an agency where every voice, every perspective, every great idea can be heard. A place where our people feel like they can truly belong. We know that when we feel welcome, safe, supported, valued, and bring our authentic selves to work, we do our best work.

We believe a more diverse and inclusive agency creates richer experiences. It unlocks our ability to be more creative and innovative, and delivers better results for our clients. It brings different perspectives to creating ideas and solving problems, and ensures we find new ways to do what we do.

At Smyle, we are striving for fairness, celebrating differences and creating a sense of belonging – for everyone.

We are on a journey to create an agency that builds great careers for our people. An agency that does incredible work for our clients, work that is inspired by different perspectives and work that truly matters.
Dominic Thomas-Smith, Managing Director at Smyle

Guided by our clear and ambitious vision, we will deliver on the following pledges:

  • Achieve gender parity across Smyle
  • Increase underrepresented groups across Smyle
  • Increase youth representation at Smyle
  • Provide equal opportunities for talent at Smyle
  • Work with partners who share Smyle’s DEI values 
  • Use Smyle platforms, network and resources to support DEI effort
  • Make Smyle a safe and equitable workplace
  • Ensure Smyle is accountable