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Sustainability has always been part of our culture, but we’re stepping up our game to reimagine a better, more sustainable future for events.

Taken in isolation, activations and events, that place significant demands on resources and generate waste, could be considered inherently unsustainable. But, they are also powerful agents for change. They bring people together; to connect, to learn, to celebrate, to shift culture.

And in making events happen, we believe there can be a better way.

Using Cycle we’re working with brands to place sustainability at the heart of experience planning, design, delivery and evaluation.

Developed by our passionate in-house team in partnership with event sustainability expert David Stubbs, our Cycle service flexes to suit your objectives.

I am delighted to have been part of the development of Cycle because it puts sustainability at the heart of how we should be thinking about planning and delivering events. By focussing on the impact of events on people and planet, Cycle will make a huge contribution to drive innovation in the events industry and deliver meaningful change.

David Stubbs, independent sustainability expert

We believe in doing work that really matters; imagine creating events in a more conscious, lower impact way, events that can deliver on your brand sustainability goals. Whether that’s accelerating your transition to a cleaner, low carbon, circular event model; or harnessing the powerful positive impact events can have on changing society. That’s where Cycle comes in.

From planning through to delivery, Cycle enables you to embed sustainability best practice at every stage of the event process.

Combining Smyle innovation and creativity, Cycle pushes what’s possible; to create incredible experiences that work for people and planet.

Cycle accelerates sustainability in seven core areas:

  1. Strategy & planning
  2. Communication
  3. Experience  
  4. Compliance
  5. Measurement
  6. Reporting 
  7. Taking action


Changing events for good.