Smyle’s Beyond is a rich virtual & hybrid event solution that brings audiences together in brilliant and inventive ways.

We believe virtual events can be immersive experiences with valuable compelling content. It’s why we take our inspiration from the best of both physical and digital experiences to create extraordinary live virtual events with impact.

Smyle fuses creativity and live-event experience with what really works in digital to take virtual events to the next level of amazing. It’s this creative mindset that allows us to delight and surprise audiences; to measurably move brands and businesses forward.

Our approach is to keep the attendee at the centre of our thinking – by adding in crazy amounts of creativity, merging digital with analogue, integrating proven and cutting edge technologies, we can offer highly compelling, seamless experiences that are truly worth showing up for.


Smyle has brilliant people working together to make the incredible happen, including a mix of experienced creative thinkers, event producers and technologists, all working with our clients to develop incredible events and to deliver them perfectly.

Beyond mixes digital and ‘IRL’ activities, offering a credible and exciting new approach to events:

  • VR, AR and mixed reality
  • Interactive photorealistic environments & gamification
  • Film & animation
  • Live broadcast & streaming
  • Emerging technologies
  • Sustainable and efficient approaches

One example is a project called Samsung Life Unstoppable, which recently won a Drum Award, received some nice media attention, and we’re a little proud of.

Published: September 2020

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