What we do



Sustainability at Smyle is embedded into how we operate – we care deeply about environmental impact and we recognise the inherent challenge of creating truly sustainable brand experiences. 

But events and experiences are powerful agents for change. They bring people together; to connect, to learn, to celebrate, to shift culture. We are on a journey to minimise the environmental impact of the work we do, with careful planning around:

  • Energy sources and usage
  • Shipping and travel
  • Material choices for physical builds
  • Food and beverage choices
  • Waste minimisation and management
  • Participant communications
  • And much more

Our agency is on a journey to carbon neutrality, including both our home operations and the work we do for clients.

At no cost to clients (for projects budgeted at £25k+), we implement the industry standard TRACE methodology to evaluate sustainable impact. This helps us assess each project and, collaboratively with our clients, drive continuous improvement. TRACE is also used for our home operations to drive continuous improvement within Smyle.

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