With an increasing focus on sustainability, budget efficiencies and health concerns, the need for alternative ways to impact audiences is on the rise.

Yes, Smyle can create virtual events with live streaming, webcasts, live Q&As and video conferencing. But we also know how to deliver a digital event that’s more interactive – something special to truly touch hearts and minds – without having to fly anyone anywhere.

Beyond combines incredible technology with bold creativity for breakthrough virtual and hybrid experiences.

Smyle’s richer virtual & hybrid event solution brings audiences together in brilliant and inventive ways. So, forget what you know about virtual events being a snooze fest. Beyond is an incredible experience platform with lasting impact – and it’s also a whole lot of fun for attendees.

Our virtual & hybrid events solution mixes digital and “IRL” activities, offering a credible and exciting new approach to events:

  • Sustainable and efficient
  • Collaborative workshops
  • Cross time zones to reach global audiences
  • Virtual team building
  • Physical activities
  • Networking opportunities

Virtual and hybrid events from Smyle


If you’d like to find out more about our virtual & hybrid event solution, please contact

Smyle Strategy Director
Dax Callner