Samsung: Life Unstoppable

Smyle, rewriting the virtual launch rules

  • The Brief

    With COVID and the restrictions around live physical events, Samsung asked Smyle to provide an alternative virtual activation that would not only replace their upcoming physical events, but set a new standard for online immersive experiences. The live experience needed to demonstrate the latest advancements in mobile, wearables, TV, audio and home appliances, together with providing an area post-launch for hosted meetings to deep dive on products.

  • Our Approach

    Working with Samsung, Smyle pushed the boundaries of virtual events with the first ever use of gaming platform, Unreal Engine, to host a fully immersive, live digital event. The resulting experience, Life Unstoppable, was designed to impact crucial customers and members of the media.

    Combining experiential thinking with a human-centric design philosophy, Smyle created and delivered an interactive digital hub; the “Samsung House”. This hyper-realistic 3D virtual world marked the first time Unreal Engine, known for hosting multiplayer video games Fortnite and Final Fantasy, has been used for a product launch event.

    Throughout Life Unstoppable, real-life presenters appeared on a variety of TVs, tablets and phones to demonstrate Samsung innovations. True to the event’s gaming ethos, whenever guests wanted to find out more, they could explore on their own, interacting with specific products to create a more personalised experience. 

    As an added bonus, collectable comic books were hidden among household items for guests to find. If all five were found, the virtual world was transformed before viewer’s eyes into an out-of-this-world superhero comic book experience – gamifying the event and adding yet another layer of fun.

    To deliver this virtual event, several exciting new technologies were put into play:

    • – Ray tracing, a rendering technique new to the gaming world, was used to create incredibly realistic lighting, shadows and reflections. 
    • – Immersive 8D audio produced a mesmerizing introduction by spoken word poet Max Wallis.
    • – Pixel streaming delivered the best virtual event visual experience for all users, regardless of device or platform type, using a frame rate of 60 FPS.
    • – Augmented reality was used throughout to bring interactive elements to life.
  • The Result

    Feedback from the tech and lifestyle press was exceptional with 5,000 attending. 870 comic books  were collected with the overall experience gaining a 29% increase in dwell time over video stream views.

    Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe said: “By creating the ‘Life Unstoppable’ virtual world, we pushed the boundaries of virtual immersive experiences to find an innovative way to share how Samsung technology defies limits by bringing life, work and entertainment together using products that seamlessly connect with one another.”

    The Head of Events at Samsung Electronics went on to say, “Thank you Smyle for everything you did to make this event a huge success. From the idea right through to execution. It was such a pleasure to work with an agency who supports us to do things differently and goes above and beyond to deliver something so special.”

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    The Award

    B2B Experience of the Year at The Drum Experience Awards
    Best Digital Product Launch at Digital Event Awards
    Best Product Launch at V Awards