Samsung; IFA Press Conference

  • The Challenge

    To deliver the Samsung IFA Press Conference and global product launch for an audience of over 2000 press, vloggers, bloggers and early adopters in a seven-week timescale. Samsung invited us to challenge guest perceptions of what the IFA experience feels like, by taking it to the next level.


  • Our Approach

    Through close collaboration with the various teams within Samsung, we developed bold ideas that would highlight products and deliver new insights. Each scenario challenged convention by using highly engaging, surprising activations. These included a variety of experiential  activities from street dance performers on treadmills, to a beat-boxing contest, to a live Coldplay VR experience, all showcasing Samsung’s latest technology in a fun and exciting way.

  • The Effects

    We illustrated how technology enables lifestyle, connecting with guests in a myriad of ways, using lots of personality. Each activity was grounded in a meaningful, social experience and aimed to surprise and delight. By pushing boundaries and avoiding formulaic ideas, guests were motivated to discover products as part of a much wider experience.