Samsung, Galaxy S9 NDA Press Preview

Press Event

  • The Challenge

    To deliver two memorable pre-launch media briefing events for the Samsung Galaxy S9 campaign, that drive media engagement, meaningful content creation, and reinforce Samsung’s premium leader position in the global market.

  • Our Approach

    We created an environment that supported the wider campaign’s strategic shift to taking ownership of the premium handset sector, leveraging their ability as a serious camera and photography device, with content creation at the heart of the experience.

    Inspired by real life moments that consumers like to photograph and presented with a playful and stylized twist, our experiences were designed to feel hands-on, to ensure media got to fully understand the product and its features.

  • The Effects

    These events allowed media to experience first hand the brand benefits Samsung can bring to consumers and provided an opportunity to engage and land key messaging ahead of the official launch to market. Content from the pre-brief experiences dominated coverage and contributed to Samsung’s highest ever message pull through.