The Ryder Cup

Opening Ceremony 2018

  • The Challenge

    For the third time, Smyle were challenged to create and deliver a memorable opening ceremony for the Ryder Cup tournament for both a huge live audience in Paris, and a global broadcast audience. 

  • What we did

    As one of the world’s most watched live sporting events, it was apparent that we would need to manage and maintain the perfect balance between politics and sport.

    While our ambition was to create an exciting and memorable presentation ceremony for both the live crowd and the televised audience of mad golf fans, we also worked tirelessly to engage with multiple stakeholders (from broadcasters to politicians), each with their own unique agendas.

    To deliver the size, scale and hype required for such an event, we built and branded the enormous festival main stage structure with a premium finish to exceed expectations, and delivered big show elements throughout, including a variety of musical performances from artists such as Kaiser Chiefs and French singer, Jain, as well as a huge firework and pyrotechnic display to remember.

  • The Effects

    With a live audience of nearly 40,000 and a global TV audience of over 0.5 billion viewers, the opening ceremony was hugely successful. We dealt with over 300 people / talent on stage – an operation in itself – not to mention managing and hosting the VIP golden circle and talent management (looking after the players and team captains).