Red Bull Racing

Summer & End of Season Parties

  • The Challenge

    With a budget and client focused on R&D that will produce a car to win the F1 Championship, we were challenged to create two events a year for Red Bull Racing that would bring the team together and thank everyone involved for playing their part.

  • What we did

    Over the last three years, we have been responsible for putting on a summer party every June / July on the lawn at Woburn Abbey and an end-of-season celebration in December.
    In the summer, the focus is on family and fun with all team members (as well as their partners and kids) invited. With the venue always the same, our challenge is always to make it feel different and –whether it’s a team building day or a Rio carnival festival – to bring the theme to life in the most engaging way.

    The end-of-season party welcomes 1600 guests but, in contrast to the summer, we rarely know where we will be until late in the day.

    One thing’s for sure – we always create the theme (whether that’s celebrating 10 years in F1 at Silverstone or creating a superhero’s secret lair in a disused warehouse) and, ultimately, take responsibility to deliver a party to remember.

    In short, through close collaboration and regular communication, we take pride in shaping a party for Red Bull Racing that reflects the technology and essence of the brand.

  • The Effects

    With a client on the road travelling with the F1 circus, we have – through our ability to deliver and surpass expectations – built up a level of trust that is invaluable, to both Smyle and Red Bull Racing.

    Building a long-term relationship like this takes time, genuine commitment from people who care and an innate understanding of what works well for them and their team.
    Oh, and when you’re trusted to deliver something incredible, you know you’re on to a winner when no one leaves the party early. Whether from noon till dusk for the summer party, with people queueing at the gate, or from dusk till dawn for the end of season, every year we see more guests come and take part.