Hilton: Holipod

A consumer-facing live experience to drive social media sharing

  • The Challenge

    To convince consumers that Hilton Hotels aren’t just for business travellers.

  • What We Did

    Hilton was sponsoring the utterly awesome Underbelly comedy festival on London’s South Bank –  a huge outdoor space with a whole lot of footfall and the perfect opportunity to create an incredible consumer experiential activity. 

    We realised that to change perceptions, we needed people to experience Hilton’s fun side. So Smyle came up with the idea for Hilton Holipods, a fun-filled virtual holiday activation featuring three distinct true-to-life scenes from Hilton Hotels. 

    Passersby could bounce on beds, start a pillow fight or play with inflatable ice creams whilst posing to create off-the-wall videos to share on social profiles – ideal for extending impact even further. 

    Smyle’s technical knowhow meant we were able to come up with a world-first for a consumer experiential activation – we designed an amazing 60 camera-rig solution which let us bring the three poses together into one really cool film. 

    Holipod visitors could enter their data for the chance to win fantastic prizes, driving greater social media sharing and getting everyone into the Hilton holiday vibe.

  • The Effects

    Hilton Holipods became the ultimate summer must-visit destination over a three-month period, with the hotel chain seeing a huge consumer uplift in online searches. There were thousands of hits on social media sharing platforms, plus PR coverage across trade and consumer press. Together, Smyle and Hilton reached a vast global audience, all from a popular London tourist hotspot.