EE: 5G Launch ft. Stormzy

EE & M&C Saatchi PR: 5G Launch, Tower Bridge, 2019

  • The Challenge

    To create a big noise around EE’s 5G network launch in a busy marketplace.

  • Our Approach

    EE wanted to shout about their huge network launch by hosting a mind-blowing public activation on the River Thames – a 5G-powered performance by Stormzy on a floating barge at the iconic Tower Bridge.

    This once-in-a-lifetime live show was a chance for Smyle to show off our ability to deliver integrated physical and digital experiences – impacting a live London audience and streaming to a much larger global community of fans.

    Smyle worked closely with the M&C Saatchi PR agency, taking care of complicated and jaw-dropping production, involving multiple boats, a split-location workforce and challenges associated with a water-based production. Our technical expertise meant we were able to use 5G technology for a 360 degree 5G live stream for wider amplification.

  • The Results

    We showcased our flawless execution, involving a world-class performer, dramatic pyrotechnics and best-in-class technical delivery. Publicity generated from this live + digital event was exceptional, with thousands of hits on YouTube and social media. EE reported a massive increase in day1 sales compared with the 4G brand launch event. Watch here