Blackberry Q10 / Z10 Global launch

Putting the smart in smartphone

  • The Challenge

    To deliver a global launch for the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10, introducing the rebranded company’s new smartphones to the world’s media, C-level senior management executives and analysts.

  • What we did

    For BlackBerry, this was no ordinary reveal, requiring us to perfectly execute the launches for both the Z10 and Q10 and to show that the brand was keeping pace with its out-sized rivals in the hyper-competitive smartphone industry.

    To demonstrate BlackBerry’s standing as a global player and smartphone pioneer, Smyle designed and delivered a series of live satellite rehearsals in Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, live simultaneous satellite links to New York and Toronto, which culminated in the first ever live BBM Video chat conducted between New York and London.

    In addition to designing the overall creative solution, we were also responsible for providing the full service delivery of the events – the project management, full delegate management & logistics across all the sites, the content and entire graphics support including keynote content and all print in numerous languages. All video creation, live filming and satellite broadcast, full technical production together with creation of the plenary set, expo and environmental assets was also created by Smyle.

  • The Effects

    Broadcast by the world’s media (from the BBC to Bloomberg), the launch was covered with almost universal positive feedback, alongside an equally impressive online audience of 200,000 (almost doubling BlackBerry’s initial target). The result of this media noise saw the BB10 sell out across numerous UK retailers.