Our founder Rick Stainton is helping lead an industry initiative designed to help live experiences return (safely!) to the UK. Learn more and help us spread the word here.

We deliver some of the most important experiences of your lives, to share with your family, your friends, your colleagues, your community. Sharing experiences supports our wellbeing, society and our economy.

What we do touches millions of lives a day – in a positive way – and we all need that now more than ever.

The One Industry One Voice initiative aims to create a clear mandate of cross representation across all the core sectors of the £84bn events industry. This then enables the BVEP (Business Visits and Events Partnership) to activate it on behalf of all the main industry associations and sectors with the #WeCreateExperiences campaign.

Its main mission is to raise awareness among the general public and national media, through inspirational and positive messaging, of the true value of the industry to daily life, the wider economy.

Life is built on experiences.
Some you make, some are created for you.
This is what we do as the live events industry.

Please check out and share the campaign video below:


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