Learn more about Digital Experiences

Learn more about Digital Experiences

In 2022 and beyond, it’s more likely than ever before that your activation will either be digital, or a blend of digital and physical. With our teams of strategic and creative thinkers, partnered with technologists, visual effects, content and experience experts, we collaborate to create activations that win audience hearts and minds. From content you can interact with to immersive worlds that inspire, we are focused on enhancing the way people live, work, and play.

Creative. Our work begins with insights and requirements gathering, enabling the strategic and creative thinkers to come up with captivating ideas that truly speak to an audience. Added to that, our creative technologists, software architects and UX / UI Designers work together with our clients to ensure the experience will be extraordinary, memorable and meaningful.

Innovation. Using proven and emerging technologies, we work tirelessly to underpin the content or activation with leading tech, safe in the knowledge that it has been put together by the best team of developers, software architects and technology specialists; tested thoroughly with robust QA and fallback plans.

Human. We are always audience first, and never forget that at the heart of every experience are real life audiences who need and demand to be engaged. With our team looking across all channels, online and off, to capture attention and deliver value – even if that value just means a super-fun experience!

Hybrid. Smyle’s heritage in physical events meets our passion for digital innovation. Our approach to hybrid mixes physical+digital realities, creating shared journeys for audiences attending in-person or joining remotely. Online or off, everyone is part of an inclusive experience, in which they can collaborate, create and contribute.

We are all about deploying the right technology and digital creative strategy, to wow audiences and achieve client ambitions. Here are just some of the possibilities…

Immersive, interactive environments. Create out-of-this-world virtual environments using gaming technologies and real-time rendered gaming engines, such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

VR, AR & XR mixed reality experiences. Create imaginative, digital worlds to explore augmented products, interact with virtual presenters and more.

New era technologies. We’re talking AI-enabled help desks, interactive projection, haptic suits, automated kinetic environments, simulators, holograms, voice control and more…

Beyond platforms. We select the right platform to meet audience needs, ranging from a 3rd party solution or building your own fully-customisable platform.

Live broadcast & streaming. Broadcast worldwide through our Gallery Team – experts in remote capture, green screen content, video production, editing and studio broadcasting.

Moving image and visual effects. Create impact with compelling stories and take them to new heights using volumetric capture, motion control, motion capture, interactivity and post production.

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, our teams can deliver imaginative content and integrated creative experiences that connect brands with people in extraordinary ways via IRL and URL.

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