Smyle Metric. Events measurement for a new era.

It’s a new era for live experiences. The Smyle Metric practice combines the credible data and expert analysis needed to shape future initiatives.

Audience needs have changed. How we connect is evolving. Metric will help you understand these shifting needs, providing actionable insights to improve audience experiences and to help you protect and grow future programmes.

Meet Metric

Smyle Metric combines credible experience data with expert analysis to reveal important truths. From strategy to reporting, Metric has event measurement covered.  

Smyle Metric raises the measurement game by capturing impact on emotions, behaviour and planet.

 Return on Emotion
Chart the emotional journey of an audience using facial analysis, pulse rate sensors and other experimental technology. We use emotional response data to calculate a Return on Emotion score for initiatives – the first industry metric of its kind.

 Behavioural Data
Track participant behaviour – online or in-person, pre-, during and post-event, using RFID, NFC, camera arrays and digital platform analytics. Use the Metric dashboard to access an AI generated at-a-glance snapshot of audience behaviours to optimise experiences in the moment.

 Cycle Score
Understand how sustainable programmes are with Smyle’s industry-leading Cycle ScoreWe recommend this as a core metric for all, reflecting our bold commitment to delivering planet-friendly initiatives.

Smyle can evaluate the impact of any live physical or digital experience.

PLAN – We’ll work with you to define initiative goals, such as:

  • ● Growing revenue
  • ● Retaining customers or employees
  • ● Changing behaviours
  • ● Strengthening the brand

PERSONALISE – Customise the analysis with  an array of add-on metrics.

This might include PR coverage, social reach, lead generation results or measuring initiative sustainability with Smyle Cycle.

IMPLEMENT – Using best-practice and innovative data collection techniques, we’ll capture what counts.

  • ● Surveys and polls
  • ● Interviews and observation
  • ● Physical and digital behavioural tracking
  • ● Emotion tracking

Use rapid intel to optimise your live experience in the moment.

The Smyle Metric dashboard presents real-time / near real-time audience behavioural data, using AI to generate an at-a-glance snapshot of how audiences are interacting with an experience.

The Smyle Metric Report

Post-event, we combine data analysis with industry knowledge to assess performance against goals, benchmark to key standards and project long-term outcomes. And, we provide actionable recommendations to drive continuous improvement.

All this is presented to you by Smyle in a super-informative Metric report which:

Example visuals

EMMC Founding Member BadgeAs part of our commitment to raising the measurement bar, we’re reaching out across the events industry to promote and standardise best-practice, share knowledge and drive effectiveness as founding members of the Experiential Marketing Measurement Coalition.